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We are passionate about the reputation of our company and have a proven record of quality construction.  We well know:  Our expertise, developed over decades of building, allows us to deliver on our promise to provide homebuyers with exceptional quality, value and service.  We are always aware that this home affects your life, and we will never take for granted the very personal decision you make when you choose to live in a Cutsinger Custom Home.

When my husband and I were considering builders for our custom home our top considerations were; quality, value, synergy and viability. Cutsinger Custom Homes fit the bill completely.

After viewing 3 to 4 of Kevin’s custom homes built in Westlake we knew we had found a quality builder. The finish out and workmanship was incomparable to others. The maximum use of granite, heavy trim, and timber were exquisite.
Next we were concerned about value. Could we afford such a quality builder? But when the bids came in Cutsinger was not the lowest but also not the highest. And through the process since our job was cost plus, we had control to go over or under budget.
We also wanted a builder with whom we could have personal synergy, one that understood us and our style versus trying to convert us to his/her style. Our home is different from the “Texas Tuscan” style Kevin was building as it is more of a “Lake Lodge” look. Kevin understood the look and our desires creating synergy in the relationship. That synergy continues today even though we completed our home over a year ago.

Lastly, we wanted a builder that had staying power. One that was not taking risky chances that could result in an unfinished job which did occur with one of our rejected builder prospects. Kevin keeps his financial house on solid footing without over extending or over leveraging. He was never in need of advance funds and always dealt with the financial matters with the utmost integrity and honesty.

We would recommend Cutsinger Custom Homes to anyone wishing to build a quality home and have a great experience doing it. —Margo and Gary M., Jonestown

We found you to be talented, efficient, honest, and prompt. You, your wife, and Jason, your superintendent, helped us create the home we wanted, and we are really enjoying living in it. It is beautiful, quiet, and truly well-built. Thanks again for all your fine work!  — Bill and Mary L., Austin

Thanks so much for my beautiful new kitchen and bathroom – you really went 'above and beyond' for a 'friend of a friend!' Every day I notice one of the 'extras' that you suggested in the construction – things that I would never have thought of. I truly appreciate everything you did for me on this project and if there is anything I can do to return the favor, please let me know. My new kitchen especially makes the house feel more like a home and is even inspiring me to cook more! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and if I ever get a chance to build my dream home, I'll be sure to give you a call. Thanks again! — Kimbery P., Austin.

I've worked with several contractors, and Kevin is the smartest, most organized, knowledgeable and honest contractor I have ever heard of or met. Every step of the way I know where every dollar is going. My projects are done on time and on budget. Kevin also has a great eye for design, and has helped me make improvements I had not considered. Most importantly, the quality of his work is excellent. My only regret is I wish I had met Kevin sooner; I would have slept better, saved money, and built better quality projects. — Jon K. Austin Texas

"Our original builder went out of business approximately half way through the project and left us with no options. we began interviewing other builders in an effort to finish the house. All of Cutsinger Custom Homes references had good things to say about Kevin and during our interview meeting, both my wife and I felt very comfortable going forward with him. The process went very smoothly and everything was transparent and updated on a weekly basis. All of Kevin's contractors were professional and experts in their respective trades. Since completion of the project, there have been several small instances where we needed follow-up, and Kevin has personally made sure that any glitch was repaired.

We have recommended Cutsinger Custom Homes to several other people considering building their new homes and will continue to do so.

Paul and Lori K, Georgetown




Unsolicited Testimonial:
In my profession (I am an attorney specializing in representing architects and building designers), I tend to hear many “horror stories” of incompetent, negligent, lazy, or just plain crooked contractors in the custom home building business. From my experience to date with Kevin Cutsinger, let me say this: he is not one of those. Indeed, if more builders had his skills, integrity, and attention to detail, many attorneys would be needing to find another area of practice.


I was originally referred to Kevin by my architect and long-term client, Sabas Flores, who had used Kevin as his general contractor in remodeling his personal residence. Besides being a noted and awardwinning architect, Sabas has also worked for and owned home building companies, and so his choice and recommendation of Kevin as a contractor was not to be taken lightly. During the bid process, Kevin was extremely responsive and helpful, and we were able to negotiate a fair contract that was significantly less than what I was quoted by some of the high-end builders in the area.


And the building process? The facts speak for themselves. Our contract called for a 330 day completion date, plus a 30 day grace period (This was in line with what other builders had projected for this project; indeed, a comparable house constructed nearby at the same general time took over 400 days to complete.) My house, including initial landscaping, was completed in less than 275 days. In short, the job was completed well ahead of schedule, and in line with the budgets we had agreed to.


Nor was quality shortchanged. My house has many unusual custom features and materials that required a high degree of skill from craftsmen such as stonemasons, tile masons, cabinetmakers, trim carpenters, and many others, as well as coordinating the timely arrival of specialty materials from, quite literally, the other side of the world. Kevin not only used such high quality tradesmen, but he and his job superintendent “rode herd” on them on a constant basis, and were not shy about requiring significant sections of the project to be redone (often at significant unreimbursed cost to the contractor) if the work did not meet his high standards. As a result of his diligence, the “punch list” of items to be fixed at the end of the job was significantly shorter than typical – and indeed the building inspectors were consistently impressed by the “clean” nature of the final product.


But what most impressed me during the construction process was the professional behavior and attitude of Kevin and his personnel. The job site was kept clean, safe, and secure. Progress reports and draw requests were handled promptly and in a businesslike fashion, as were change orders. The schedules of subcontractors, tradesmen, and suppliers were well coordinated so that the work proceeded at an efficient pace. In the (fortunately) rare situations where I had an issue with how something had been done, my concerns were addressed promptly and typically to my perfect satisfaction. Indeed, in many cases, Kevin and his people went well beyond the minimums required by the plans and specifications out of what I can only describe as an old-fashioned ethic of doing a job well and to the best of one’s ability.


Building a custom house is a challenging experience, both for the customer and for the builder. If you are willing to commit the time required for the design, materials selection, and construction monitoring processes, then I believe that you will be very pleased with the result that Kevin and his people can deliver. — Louis B. Austin, Texas March 5, 2009








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